CDAIT Approach to Partnership

Our Approach

IPaT's Industry Innovation Day (IID) 2016 Panel "Cities of the Future" (April 13, 2016, Atlanta, GA) with Jeff Evans, Chairman of the CDAIT Exectutive Advisory Board.


CDAIT, which is technology and market-agnostic, targets the entire continuum of IoT value creation, from sensing/actuating all the way to the information extraction. By effectively and efficiently uniting the parts into a coherent and intelligent whole, CDAIT injects life into IoT. In  short, CDAIT intends to:

  • Expand
    Advance scientific, technological and management research to promote creativity and expand knowledge and expertise throughout the IoT value chain.
  • Educate
    Develop and offer IoT-related educational and training programs designed to meet the needs of decision makers and technical implementers alike.
  • Energize
    Increase, as a neutral party, global awareness of IoT’s potential and capabilities, and its role as a positive transformational agent in society and a catalyst for innovation, ecological sustainability and economic growth.