IEEE IoT Vertical & Topical Summit for Agriculture

IEEE IoT Vertical & Topical Summit for Agriculture

Paris, France
Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 8:30am

The IEEE Internet of Things is one of IEEE’s important, multi-disciplinary, cross-platform Initiatives. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting technological developments in the world today and the global technical community is coalescing around the thought-leading content, resources, and collaborative opportunities provided by the IEEE IoT Initiative.

More information is revealed daily about the Internet of Things and its potential to transform how we communicate with machines and each other. To bring clarity to and disseminate information globally, IEEE Future Directions launched the IEEE IoT Initiative in 2014. It serves as a home for the global community of engineering and technology professionals in industry, academia, and government working in related technologies. Here, professionals learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on this sweeping convergence of technologies, markets, applications, and the Internet. Participants in the community have access to the most trusted resources developed including publications, videos, articles, and interviews, as well as webinars, Hangouts, presentations, workshops, and conferences, this web portal, and much more.

You are invited to join, participate, and enjoy the benefits of becoming part of this cutting-edge Initiative.

The IEEE IoT Technical Community is comprised of individuals involved in research, implementation, application, and usage of this Internet-enabled vision of our future. As an active member of the community, you will stay abreast of developments in this multi-disciplinary area and remain at the forefront of Internet of Things research, development, and planning. Members of the Technical Community have access to the most trusted resources being developed, such as the IEEE IoT eNewsletter, a bi-monthly, online publication that features practical and timely technical information and forward-looking commentary on developments and deployments around the world.

Members of the Technical Community are invited to participate in progressing the definitions within the IoT through its collaborative document, Towards a Definition of the Internet of Things. Your contribution of knowledge and perceptions to this “living document” can facilitate a better understanding of the subject, lead to further research, and advance our understanding of this emerging concept.

To really understand the Internet of Things requires application, implementation, and execution in the real world. The Initiative launched the IoT Scenarios program to provide the community an interactive platform on which to engage with use cases, service descriptions, business models, and reference implementations that will be key to developing a vibrant industry.