The Internet of Things as an infrastructure


Jeff Evans, Chair of the CDAIT Executive Advisory Board and Dr. Margaret Loper, Chief Technologist of CDAIT at the December 7th, 2016 CDAIT Board meeting

The Internet of Things as an infrastructure

“The Internet of Things is a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on, existing and evolving, interoperable information and communication technologies.”
(Source: International Telecommunication Union 
– ITU T Y.2060)

The Internet of Things when everything is said and done

At CDAIT, the "Internet of Things" (IoT) is about the interconnection of intelligent things. While interconnection (and its related and yet different concepts such as interoperability and interdependence) is axiomatic to IoT and a non-trivial building block, the intelligence of things (as a matter of course) is what makes the IoT paradigm “game-changing”.

As a result, the expression "Internet of Things" (IoT) is best understood as a metaphor that encapsulates the immersion of almost anything and everything (previously "out of scope") into the communications space thanks to the timely convergence of scientific, technological and societal advances and trends. Through embedded intelligence, it will transform the dimensions of the economy and society on a scale not experienced before; nothing will be forever fixed. Inert will become active; delayed, instantaneous; offline, online; and static, dynamic. The IoT will give rise to a world in constant change, i.e., a "pulsating world" (*).  

(*) Emerging from things sending and receiving data.