Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership
Andrew Dugenske
What is the Industrial Internet of Things?
March 23, 2017

Andrew Dugenske, Director of the Georgia Tech Factory Information Systems Center was recently interviewed by Ian Lamont for about the Industrial Internet of Things. From the article: Dugenske believes that company culture has a big influence on whether or not a team will implement IoT. "Companies that appreciate the benefits of IoT and are willing to invest in new technology will realize a timely payback and competitive advantage," he says. "Companies that delay their implementation will be at a disadvantage that will be difficult to overcome."

Margaret Loper
The Importance of Education for the Internet of Things
January 13, 2017

Dr. Margaret Loper, CDAIT's Chief Technologist and Chair of its IoT Education Working Group, was interviewed for an article published in Ed Tech Magazine - Focus on Higher Education [*] (January 4, 2017) by Ms. Wendy McMahon on "4 Ways Higher Ed Can Prepare for a Fully Connected Future IT leaders should take action now to ready their institutions for expected growth in the Internet of Things." Dr. Loper's highlights the need to distribute IoT-specific security expectations to students, faculty and staff. [*] EdTech: Focus on Higher Education explores...

Jeff Evans
The Internet of Things: A Promising Market
November 8, 2016

Jeff Evans, Chair of CDAIT's Executive Advisory Board was invited to talk on the Internet of Things at GSMA Mobility Live! North America, held in Atlanta, November 1-2, 2016. His presentation ("The Internet of Things": A Promising Market") echoed the U.S. House of Representatives Resolution (H. Res. 847), released on September 12, 2016, which advocates that “the United States should develop a national strategy to encourage the development of the Internet of Things in a way that maximizes the promise connected technologies hold to empower consumers, foster future economic growth, and improve the Nation’s collective social well-being.”

Alain Louchez
The Case for a New “Final Frontier” in Data Analytics - The Internet of Things already integrates a new phase beyond prescriptive analytics
Data Science Central
October 31, 2016

Occam’s razor notwithstanding, there is a case to be made for specifying a new phase in data analytics, i.e., normative analytics, which, whether identified or not, already exists, especially in the Internet of Things universe. This is the step where, fed by the other analytics phases, action is automatically triggered and executed.