Legacy Research Projects

CDAIT provides for small project research support in targeted multi-disciplinary and collaborative projects. These are typically small “seed grants” used to stimulate promising or innovative approaches to advance the IoT industry. 

Below are examples CDAIT associated research efforts.


Smart Technologies for Seamless and Effortless Interactions in IoT - Dr. Ada Gavrilovska 
As billions of IoT devices are deployed throughout the world, it will become more difficult to identify a single device with which to interact (e.g. printer, kiosk, sensor). This project investigates new approaches to automate these tasks and improve the user experience.


Foundational Research in Integrated Building–IoT Data Standards - Dr. Dennis Shelden 
This project explored the creation of frameworks for integrating building information, smart building and more general IoT information schemas and data exchange standards. This will impact the design/development of new buildings, as well as the transition from building construction to building management.


Using System-of-Systems (SoS) Predictive Analytics to Support Design of IoT Systems for Smart Cities - Dr. Doug Bodner 
Interconnected “Smart City” systems can suffer from unpredictable behavior and performance, unexpected public reactions, and unknown vulnerabilities. This proposal is aimed at research to provide design support for these complex systems to help ensure that they perform as expected, and that risks are identified and mitigated.


DIoTe, i.e.,Decentralized IoT Ensemble - Dr. Ada Gavrilovska 
Lapses in enforcing the security best practices on IoT devices can lead to serious problems –for example, enforcing the setting and changing strong passwords is easier said than done and failure to do it renders all cryptographic security measures useless. This project will explore new approach to address these problems as the scale of IoT devices grows into the billions.


IoT Communications Protocol Characterization - Dr. Matt Trotter
This project is characterizing the physical layer characteristics of three important IoT related wireless protocols: LTE M, LoRa, and Sigfox . These will be the first entries in a compendium that can be developed into a resource that can be used to identify the best communications solutions for a given IoT scenario. 


Analytics and IoT - Dr. David Ediger
This project researches the development of an “IoT Search Engine” a way to search disparate types of data and correlate them to be able to make new discoveries.